Slow loading of prelisten sounds in Media Bay

The one thing thats annoys me the most when working in Cubase is the slow loading of prelisten sounds in the Media Bay. I work mainly with midi and VST sounds and to have a smooth workflow I really want a quick access to the sounds from the sound library for prelistening. Audio files in the loop browser show up instantly, but when I want to prelisten to a VST sound for a midi or instrument track it takes a few seconds for it to load. And a delay of a few seconds is extremely long time when you quickly want to find the right sound among hundreds or even thousends. So irritating! :imp:

In an attempt to eliminate this problem I this year bought a brand new computer with a powerful multicore processor and a SSD type hard drive. The loading got quicker but did not by far get as fast as I had hoped for.

This has never been an issue when browsing through soundbanks in any cheap keyboard i´ve had for the last 25 years. Why is this still a fact in this modern, powerful and professional music production system Cubase? Or am I the only one experiencing this problem? Is there someway to eliminate the delay for prelisten the sounds in Media Bay?

Hi and welcome,

the whole plug-in instance has to be loaded in the background, before you can hear the sound. This is the reason, why does it take time.

So it´s the same for everybody using Cubase, and something we just have to live with? Is that it? Sad…

I paid a visit to a friend of mine couple of weeks ago, and watched him work with his DAW - using Logic on a Mac.
I did not see this type of delay there when he was loading sounds from the library for prelisten. Got kind of jealous…