Slow MACRO timing, OR add 'pause command'

It appears “macros” sometimes execute so fast the computer/software can’t execute, which defeats the purpose of having macros in the first place. I know this is true because some of the problematic command-strings I can execute if I program them to my programmable keyboard and set the execution rate slower.

Either slow down the execution rate, or, create another command we can insert between commands that need more time, like this:

  1. Do something to selected event
  2. Do something else to that event
    3. Wait 0.5 seconds
  3. Do something else to that event


if someone takes time to look at this, the way to go probably should not be to create another workaround, but instead to make sure commands return some ‘completed’ command behind the scenes and the users do not deal with inserting wait-commands like they’re some sort of programmers. :slight_smile:

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Absolutely. I’ve always thought that inserting wait commands was a bit flaky, even though I am ‘some sort of programmer’.