Slow mixdown speed

After years of fast mixdown speeds my new PC with Cubase 9.5 is now mixing down at the slowest rate ever! It is slightly slower than if it was played in real time…
I’ve not selected the ‘real time’ box and the ASIO guard is off. Does anyone have any advice? :open_mouth:


I’m having the same problem with my OSX version 9.5.21. I thought it was related to a recent addition of Izotope Neutron.
Depending on the complexity of the mix, it takes anywhere from 5-6 min to 9-10!

I’ve noticed that during a mix down on 9.5.21 OSX, that the mac now becomes slow and unresponsive - you used to be able to work in the finder and use other apps while it was whiring away. Not now.

Weirdly, my mixdown speed has suddenly increased - back to x2 realtime… Much better.