slow playback at 96khz

Hi, I’m new to wave lab 9 so I hope someone can give me an easy solution to this. I just opened an audio file, 24 bit at 96khz. It’s playing back in slo mo - sounds like it is essentially playing the samples back at the same rate as other files I have open which are 44.1. How do I rectify this?

Is your sound card set to 96khz when playing the 96khz file? If not, then yes, it may play back at the wrong rate. If the soundcard is set to 44khz, and you’re trying to play a 96khz file, then you need to resample the 96khz file down to 44khz for proper playback. Look in the master section and you should see a place to adjust the sample rate to 44khz.

Yes, report what sound card/interface you are using. Most should be smart enough to change to the same sample rate of the audio file or montage you are trying to play in WaveLab.