Slow playback using Generic Low Latency ASIO driver

I recently switched my Cubase Elements 7 (7.0.7) installation from a Dell Inspiron 15r running Windows 8 to an HP Envy 17T-J100 running Windows 8.1. On my old installation I was able to run Cubase without my UR 22 (using the generic low latency ASIO driver) and playback worked fine. But on my new installation, playback using the generic driver is at a fraction of its original speed (pitch of sounds is lower too). Does anyone know why this would happen? I’m guessing it’s because of the switch to a different sound card and not the the switch to Windows 8.1. I am hoping there is some setting I can change to make this work properly. (BTW, the sample rate of the project in question is 96kHz.) Thanks!

Might be worth trying ASIO4all drivers in the first instance…if you can’t select 96k in the ASIO4all setup then your soundcard probably doesn’t support it

With asio4all I do get it to work – to a degree. I get the right playback speed but I only get sound through headphones and I can’t change the volume (I can’t change the stereo out slider in Cubase because automation is being read). Thanks for your help though.

Why don’t you use the Yamaha ASIO driver that comes with the UR22? Works perfectly

Can I use it without the UR 22 attached? When I try that I get “Device could not be opened”.