Slow response and lots of beachballs on mac

Hi all,
I am trying Cubase Pro 10 on two different systems. One Macbook Pro 2018 with Mojave and one iMac high sierra. For a lot of stuff I usually see the beachball and have to wait. So general response of the program is slow and frustrating.
Is this normal or should I do something to correct this? The library is on internal drives both SSD. both machines have 60gigs ram.
For example opening up GA5 takes at least 10 seconds and browsing presets in the browser always with beachball first and sometimes swirling Cubase icon. In general I have to wait for almost everything. Also getting e-licencer error starting the program. I have installed the latest e licencer and changed the usb key but still the same.
Not having this type of issues with other DAWs I have, like Studio One Ableton or Bitwig.

Thanks for the help


Do you use the latest (short) USB-eLicenser, please? If you have an older version, buy the new one and transfer all licenses to the new one, please.