Slow response from percussion input? VIDEO

Hi there,

Is this normal to experience such a lag when inputting articulation with the percussion KITS?

I have taken a short video…

IS there a way I can increase the response time so I literally do not have to wait this long?

Many thanks for any insight…


I guess your project must be quite large, Amanda. Can you email it to me, and let me know which bars you’re working in?

Thank you very much Daniel. I also looked under the preferences to see if there was a setting I could change so that it would reduce this lag time but I could not locate an option for this.

That’s not really a surprise, Amanda. We don’t add options to the Preferences dialog that say things like “Make the program go slowly” that you can switch off :slight_smile:


My thinking is that in East West Play and some other programs you can allocate the number of cores you designate to the program.

Wondering if maybe Dorico only currently accesses a single core?

No, Dorico will grab access to all of your computer’s cores without so much as a by-your-leave.

We’ve looked into this, Amanda, and the slowness is caused by a known problem that we need to address, but which is a bit too involved and thorny for us to fix right now. You can somewhat ameliorate the problem by switching off View > Bar Numbers for the current view type while you’re doing this kind of editing. I know it’s a pain not to be able to see the bar you’re working on at all times, but for the time being this trade-off should improve editing speed.

I actioned this plan with the percussion articulation and indeed this has speed up input time dramatically.

I am happy with this work around and just very pleased there is a good solution while the issue gets fully sorted. Thank you for your time investigating. This is excellent now. Interestingly enough though, I STILL have bar numbers I can view as I have set this as an option in my PARTS so I am not being “short changed” in anyway which is great.

Much appreciated!