Slow Routing Issues

Every time I change a routing, add an insert etc, it takes forever in cubase 8. Changing the input from input 3 to input 4 takes up to a minute for it to change, however if I take the same file and open it in 7.5 the change is almost instantly. Any ideas?

Just found out that it only happens with the asio guard enabled in my lynx audio drive checked. Is that something I need? I direct monitor and never go below 1024 with buffer settings. thanks!

Everytime you add/delete/disable a track that handles audio (group, FX, audio), Cubase has a function that checks all of the routings to make sure that there’s no infinite routings.

I’ve experimented with this unfortunate behavior in Cubase ; the big slowdown can happen when you have a bunch of tracks are routed to a single send, that’s routed to somewhere.