Slow startup Cubase 12

Always been impressed w. how fast Cubase has loaded on my Macs in the past. But since updating to 12, the time has gone from about 15 to 90 seconds.

Not sure if this is related, but when it finally loads, I get the “Some Content Could Not Be Loaded” error. In my case:

  • Groove Agent Common Content
  • Raw Power
  • The Kit
    Not sure if this is simply because I’m no longer using a dongle? Is this issue related to load times?

This is content from the full version of Groove Agent 5. If you have a standalone GA5 license, please connect your dongle to your computer and claim your GA5 voucher to switch it to Steinberg Licensing:

Please note that the voucher isn’t available to versions of GA5 acquired through bundles, such as the Absolute VST Instrument Collection.

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Thanks so much!