Slow Update Download

I’m having a painfully slow download speed for the 1.4GB file (update from 6.5) that you get in the final shop stage.

Anybody else facing this problem?

I looked around and found a “core installer” which is only 350MB and. What is that core installer? What does it contain?

Thanks in advance!

Basic Cubase 7, no bells and whistles.

Good job Steinberg, appreciate it! :smiley:

6 hours to download 85% of the 1.4Gb and now it’s failed and my dl manager won’t restart it. :unamused:

So if I install the core installer over C6.5 what do I miss until I can manage the full download?

You miss some plug-ins/instruments and their content, track presets and some other not-so-important stuff.

The core installer is totally usable.


The full installer actually just finished download on my 2nd attempt…another nervous 6 hours downloading!

Have been playing with the core version while waiting