slowdown on play back of song

I recorded from I template that I always use and have not had any trouble for years. last nite I recorded, and today I play it back and its two and 1/2 steps lower/ (slower) in key. any ideas what is going on. I checked other recordings and they all play back at the right speed. thanks for any help

wrong samplerate.

yes but I didn’t change anything

and if so can I change it to the correct speed? thanks

Life can be hard sometimes

Make sure your soundcard, and your Cubase project run ath the same samplerate like your audio files.

ok checked that, 44.1k hz , on the card on the record display and on all the tracks in the pool. where else can I look? thanks

If you recorded while the card was set incorrectly the files may think they are 44.1 but actually be something else.
That said, the 2 1/2 tones thing seems a little odd for a typical sample rate mismatch that is usually near to a semitone or near double/half speed/pitch.

Could you zip and upload the cpr + a single audio file that is playing slow and confirm if they should be lined up to grid and at what tempo.

ok I will do that tomorrow , if makes any difference I Just had upgraded to 9.5.20 before the recording. thanks

ok so I put the sample rate up to 48k and that fixed the problem.

how do you determine sample rate does the card determine the sample rate , see the card is now a 48k , or do you determine the sample rate. I assume the higher the rate the more info and larger the file, is there a point of diminishing returns? thanks.

CD Audio also called CDDA is 44.1khz, if you plan to produce a CD it makes sense to work in 44.1
If the project is for video 48khz is the norm, and it makes sense to work in 48k.
The difference is frequency response, at 44.1k it is 20hz - 20000hz
In 48k it is 20hz - 22000hz.
So roughly half the samplerate minus something to filter out the carrier signal.
88k would give you roughly 20hz - 40000hz, so not better resolution but can capture more high end signal.
The main benefit of using higher samplerate is the filter gets way out of the human hearing range, and some plugins produce better results with less artifacts.
You owe it to yourself to test what samplerate you are comfortable using, if you hear any difference that is worth the extra stress the additional data puts on your cpu/system.