Slowing Down the End of a Project

I’m feeding a MIDI clip to a soft synth, and want to slow down the final bar or so.

I’ve tried doing a tempo change, but this induces Doppler-like artefacts and noise into the synth sound.

So instead I’d like to simulate a slowing of the tempo by moving the final MIDI notes a bit further to the right on the timeline, staggered little by little. This may present other problems, but it’s worth a try.

Is there a Cubase MIDI function that can easily do this, or does it come down to making adjustments by hand/trial and error?

I tried recording the less-than-optimal slowing-down synth sound and then trying to derive the timing info by matching my MIDI to the transients in the synth clip, but the end result wasn’t acceptable.


Hey, I think I figured it out: Sizing Applies Time Stretch.

Not EXACTLY what I was looking for, because the pace doesn’t appear to slow gradually, but probably close enough.

I have also found that if I drag the end of the MIDI clip to the right a bit to “slow” it down, and then divide the clip into 2 parts and then again drag the end of the later one to the right a bit I can indeed simulate a gradual slowdown.

And the synth sound doesn’t get wonky. Not this particular patch anyway.

Cubase is awesome.

Split the MIDI Part into several Parts and then stretch each one a little bit longer than the one before. You’ll need to move the later Parts out of the way initially and when you’re done you could glue it all back together if you want to get tidy.

Yes, that’s basically what I did. Thanks.