SLP10 Ambience Match sounds like it's looping

Working in SLP10 on a sermon (one voice, the preacher of course). After Unmixing (which works great) I’m still left with some residual hvac and room noise which seems to pop in for no reason. To smooth things out I’ve tried Ambience Match on several of those “pop in” instances and at first blush it seems to work pretty good. The problem is that when I get to a more lengthy section of non-dialog I can hear the ambience match looping which is very annoying. It seems to be about a 300ms loop no mattter how long a section I register. Is there any way to control how long SLP loops the registered ambience?

What are you trying to achieve?

I’m confused because “smoothing things out” can mean a variety of different things.

Probably a poor choice of words on my part. I’m simply trying to create a more consistent ambient background. Right now it vacillates between fairly quiet and then the “pop in” ambience left over from the Unmix process. The entire ambient background is much better after the Unmix process but it still needs improvment.

Hm… Ambiance match just replicate a continuous noise profile, you’re not supposed to hear loops. Strange.


I swear I read your posts at least 20 times and I am genuinely confused. @Robin_Lobel is right, you’re not supposed to be hearing loops with ambient match. The best way I can understand your scenario is if you upload a audio example.