[SLP8] Can't play using spacebar after VST3 render

I’m here to report a bug in Spectralayers pro 8; Standalone; MacOS 10.14

After using VST3 effects on a layer and rendering that, the space bar no longer works for playback. If I then click on VST3 effects… and then click cancel on the window that pops up it goes back to normal

Super annoying!

I can repro. It’ll be fixed with the first patch.

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Amazing. You rock!

Also, whilst i’ve got you. There is another small issue with VST support.
If you have a large selection in your vst plugin path, and many are uncategorised in the “other” section, the sub-menu list takes up the entire screen and not all the plugins are shown. There’s no way to scroll through past the 5th column on a MBP 13inch display, so many of them are hidden.

Wouldn’t you think it makes more sense to have a single column list that you can scroll down by hovering over the arrow at the bottom, and then at the top to scroll back upwards through the list? Or by using the mouse wheel. For people like me with a ridiculous amount of plug-ins and no 100 inch screen.

Or you could just add a search box…

Food for thought,

Hi @Indigo_Sam done and done, I’ve sent you a patch, let me know if that works for you :slight_smile:
The VST menu switch to a scrolling list above 200 plugins per category. You can scroll with the keyboard arrows, by hovering the top/bottom of the list, or by using the mouse wheel.

Robin, you’re a superstar!

That worked on both counts. Thanks a lot. I’m a happy chappy! :slight_smile:

Keep up the good work