Sluggish Operational performance when using Kontakt sample library

Hi eveyrone,

I was wondering if you might have had this problem that I can’t seem to solve.

I recently bought 8Dio’s Liberis choir. I’ve had it all set up and loaded into Kontakt 6.1.1 within Cubase Pro 10. Whenever I use that library though, the entire operational performance is sluggish. Although I can play it on my MIDI keyboard with no problem, just trying to record with it or even moving the mouse around is just frustrating.

However, when I use another sample library, let’s say Adagietto from 8Dio or Emotional Piano, the operational performance works fine and smooth.

I don’t have any latency issues, so I don’t have that problem.

It just seems like Liberis Choir (and recently purchased Aura Guitars from 8Dio) just makes the operational performance very sluggish.

I’ve made a screen capture video in OBS in this link to show what I am experiencing:

The reason why I move the mouse a lot in there is because I wanted to show what is going on while it’s either loading or it is performing.

I was with the 8Dio guys as well and they are stumped. I tried to increase my buffer size, etc, but that is mostly latency, not operational performance.

This is pretty frustrating as I do want to create some orchestral arrangements with choir sample libraries.

Does anyone have this sort of issue and if so, have solved it?

Any help or suggestions would be great. Thanks.

Do you have another DAW you can try in to compare performance? Like Reaper, for example? If performance is about equally bar in both DAWs that would rule out Cubase as the problem.

That’s a good suggestion!

I remembered that I still have Cubase 8.0 on my machine.

I loaded up version 8.0 and loaded the Liberis choir. Then I tried recording with it and lone behold, the operational performance is actually smooth!

So now I think it’s boiling down to Cubase Pro 10 and what could be happening with it…

Thanks for the suggestion! I didn’t think about that… Now that I know that it is stemming from version 10.0. I’m just wondering what could be in my settings that’s making problems happen with 8Dio’s Liberis choir…

Although it should not directly be related to a daw? But have you tried to do a ‘Batch Re-Save’ of the library under Kontakt 6.11?

Yeah, I must’ve done about 8 batch-resaves repeatedly to the library itself, hoping it’ll solve that. It still ends up sluggish either way. The loading up takes about 15 seconds. Then when I want to move the contact browser window around the screen, it moves like a frame rate of 1 fps. The entire operational experience is just crazy.

When I close the Kontakt window, everything seems fine. But the real-time peak is in the extreme red area - to the maximum hilt.

I’m thinking to checking out all my settings in Cubase 8 Pro and going to see if mimicking all of the settings into Cubase 10 Pro will work. It’s strange that it operates slowly (not latency) for one Kontakt instrument, but smoothly for all my other instruments. The one exception seems to be SpitFire’s Albion One (which I bought almost a month ago) and the load time may be slow, but once it’s loaded, operation of it is smooth and fine.

I am thinking now if I should re-install Cubase 10 Pro?

HI there did you ever get this resolved ? i have the same issue