Sluggish Performance + Audio Quality Degradation with many edits

Useful context:

I’ve frequently experienced an issue when I’m doing multi-track drum editing using slices (not warp). With a large number of edits, and auto-fades and auto-crossfades turned on, I start hearing a high degree of audio quality degradation during crossfades, and 2-3 second lags in GUI response when doing anything in the program at all. Consolidating audio does not remedy the issue, and it just consolidates the low-quality edits into a single file.

Real-world Situations
-Recording multiple songs in the same session and slicing audio not just for kick & snare hits, but also hihat hits.
-Using multiple track versions to retain backups of tracks.
-Quantizing multiple instruments to a groove preset, resulting in a large number of slices.

I’ve spent many hours troubleshooting crossfades, thinking that something I did caused the “phasey” sound that resulted when the audio quality degraded. Once the issue starts, I am unaware of a workaround. I am not even able to switch to using audio warp on the multi-track audio because multi-track free warp has not been added. The issue is particularly audible in cymbals.

Please share if you’ve experienced this issue also, and hopefully we can get some attention from Steinberg!