Sluggish video and project in 8.2


Great update. I can see more and more small stuff that was fixed and more “click” friendly.
Yes, I also got the Flux problem and also have some weird crushes.

I need to mix a big project in a few days and just got the movie from the editor. plus, the sound editor worked on Cubase 9 so I had her project too, and here are the troubles I got into.

  1. I knew from the start the Nuendo engine likes Apple Prores, and I converted the video to this format BUT the minute I got the Pro-res into the system, the video played very bad. Very sluggish and I really cant work like that, especially with the director near me. Please help me on this one.

  2. Im using RME multiface 2. when changing the buffer to bigger size (4k and than 2k) i had crazy spikes in the cpu drive meter. I couldnt stop it no matter how. the daw just got stuck for long minute before came but to life again…and again spike and another minute and so on.

  3. this is a big one - When importing the project from cubase things went bad. first time I tried to import from other session with copying the media, the Nuendo crushed. then I tried again without copying the media and just use the original reference. so I got all the tracks and edits but its all out of sync.

Now, if i had some time on my hand I would have wait and try to understand what is wrong, maybe it is not the 8.2 update but Im really on a rush here.
can someone elaborate on any of the problems?


I assume you have purchased the DNxHD plugin for Nuendo. You can convert your video to dnxhd using DaVinci Resolve. Premiere will do it as well and there is also ffmpeg. Doing this post from a phone, so others can chime in with details, if need be.

nope. i dont have the DNxHD plugin. this is the reason i use Apple Pro-Res.

Get the DNxHD plugin, seriously! It’s cheap, and pays for itself after the first 1 min :slight_smile:

Can you say for sure that DNxHD runs BETTER than Apple Pro?
Can someone confirm?

This may or may not work but ive noticed some very odd slow downs ln graphics and video play back that semm way worse in 8.2. I think i may have traced it to windows defender. Try turning off realtime protection and report back. Seemed to work so far for me. Good luck

Here is a test video to help debug sync problems with DAW video playback. Each frame of the video displays the performance time stamp (pts) of the frame in milliseconds. Compare the displayed time with the transport time shown in the DAW.