Slur annoyance

Hi all,
Wondering if there is a way to perform an operation (change rhythmic value, add a hairpin, edit lyrics, etc.) to a single note that happens to be under a slur without Dorico assuming I want to perform that operation to ALL the notes under the slur. Looking through the options and don’t really see a way to turn this behavior off. If not, I guess I have to be really conscious of the order in which I do things (i.e. add the slur last), but this can be quite annoying if one has to go back and change something.

Hope I’m missing something and very much appreciate all the sage advice on this forum!

I’m not following, sorry. Can you post a screenshot? I find I can edit individual notes easily without affecting the other notes under the slur.

Did you have the slur selected when you performed these operations? In general, doing stuff in Dorico only applies to whatever’s selected at the time.

To make sure only the single note is selected, use Alt-Shift-click until you’ve selected the correct element.

Thank you for clarifying, Lillie! Yes. The slur was always getting selected. Have to follow Dan’s advice and Alt-Shift-click. That should solve my issue. Still in the learning curve from that other program originally built in the UK. :slight_smile: Getting there with the help of this awesome forum!

Thanks so much, Dan! That did the trick!