Slur issue

See attached screenshot and look at the slur in the left hand of this piano part. This is happening very frequently in my piece, that the slur is being drawn awkwardly, starting on the right side of the first note. Is there a global preference to tweak this?

Well the slur to the E has to negotiate the dyad in the middle. That’s a hard slur to do. I can,t see any Engraving Options for slurs that will help, without upsetting more ‘normal’ slurs. if you flip the E you a more attractive design with no hand modifications. But I’m afraid its a manual task for them all.
Slurring is one of the very hardest things for notation programs to do. Dorico does a remrkably good job for most cases, but you still need to hold its hand sometimes, like here.


You could always flip the slur, but I know some people do not like that,.

IIRC There has been some discussion on this forum of finding a way to start some slurs (such as the at the start of your example) from the stem rather than the note head. So the team is aware of the situation, and I expect it is somewhere on their roadmap to address.

Thanks a lot for the suggestions. (Somehow) I hadn’t thought of flipping the slur. In some cases, that might work, which is much easier than manually redrawing many individual slurs.

Start the left end of the slur in the 4th space, centered on the stem of the low note, then adjust the rest of the arc. If there are many of these, you can copy and paste them. Even if the copy isn’t right, it will be close and adjusting it should be easier.

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