slur - missing control points [solved]

I have never came across this before Dorico 3.5:
A slur I created is missing two control points! Daniel, I can’t post the file here. I could e-mail you the file, if you want to.
Any suggestions?

Anmerkung 2020-05-26 124413.png

Is it possible at all that you (or maybe some kink in an eventual conversion to the new behavior) dragged the control points together to that position at the center…?

The obvious answer is that they three middle control points have ended up superimposed on top of each other.
What happens if you select the slur and go Edit > Reset Appearance?
What’s showing in the Engrave mode properties panel (for Start handle offset and End handle offset)?

After looking further:
The control points are not missing. They are on the same place as the middle control point. Reseting design and position doesn’t change anything.

If resetting the Appearance doesn’t change it, that suggests you’ve got some fairly mad Engraving Settings?

No. Standard settings and all other slurs look normal. Just this one …

Here are only the bars with the strange slur. After deleting everything else, also the other slur looks odd.
Test (760 KB)

In short, this setting is way too high:

The factory default value is 1/3. If you set it to 1, you are telling Dorico to put the shoulders exactly half way along the length of the slur.

Somebody will probably find a use for setting that option to an even higher value, like 5, though.

This is really strange. I can’t remember changing anything here. It is in an template file I created some time ago and did a lot of pieces with this. The slurs never looked like this and even in the original file of this example, all other slurs look normal!
Very strange, very strange …
I predict, that this has something to do with the update, because this is the first file I did with this template after updating to Dorico 3.5.

Okay, after thinking again about it, I remember, that I also changed the values for slurs in this template to fit to the new default values of Dorico. I must have entered this one wrong. Still funny, that most of the slurs looked okay, but only this one was odd. Never mind. Time for a walk. Thanks for your help!

That parameter only affects slurs more than 32 spaces long, as it says in the Engraving Rules. So for a 7mm staff size, it only applies to slurs more than 56mm long (a bit more than 2 inches, for people who don’t understand metric units).