Slur=Note Length Long

Hi Guys,

I am programming an expression map for a VST that uses velocity ranges to trigger slow, med and fast legato. I have created conditional base articulations for both natural and legato however, if notes are slurred it shows up in the key editor as Note Length >= Long.

Does anyone know a way around this, other than manually setting the velocities?

I would create 3 entries for legato in the map, each using slur as the only articulation/score marking, and then differentiate them by adding note length conditions (slow, med and fast, as you outlined). Finally, I would adjust the velocities for each one.

If done this way, they should show up in Key Editor as “Legato, Note Length >= Long” or something similar. It’s not clear why you set up conditions for Nat too, as that one is meant for regular unmarked notes.

The naturals were created because I’m using the same patch for natural and legato. I created the legato to troubleshoot why a slurred passage of 16th notes at q=82 was showing up as long notes despite having differentiated in my expression maps.

Here’s what I have for my exp map:

Here is what is showing up in the Key Editor for the aforementioned passage:

If I remove the slur it shows up as Nat, Note Length<=Medium. Any amount of slurring, even just two notes switches it to long.

@dspreadbury do you have any thoughts on this?

As I’m sure you can imagine, Daniel generally has quite a lot on his plate and isn’t necessarily able to reply to every forum thread within a couple of days. Please try not to bump threads.

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Ok, will do

In the meantime, while you wait, I’m sure that posting a small sample Dorico project that illustrates the situation will help Daniel (or some other Dorico guru) get back to you more quickly with a definitive answer.

Right on, Here’s the project and the exp map.