Slur/tuplet bracket repositioning erratically

I’ve encountered a very difficult bug involving a specific tuplet bracket. When I move a note after the bracket up, down, or rhythmically to the side, the tuplet bracket moves farther away from the staff - confusingly, this continues even if I undo my change, the tuplet bracket keeps getting farther from the staff.
I’ve had this problem come up before, once with a tempo marking and once with a slur, both of which were unresponsive to undo as well. I’m not sure what would be causing this, but it’s luckily not too obstructive to just change in engrave mode, although it does get finnicky trying to guess where the object is going to move to.

My video and Dorico files exemplifying the problem were too large to attach to this, is there some other way I should “attach” them?

I’m experiencing a possibly related issue with musical elements jumping around. This had been confirmed by others, as per the thread below:

Alex, you can email the files to me at d dot spreadbury at steinberg dot de. If they’re particularly large, please consider using a service like WeTransfer to send the files to avoid clogging up my inbox!

Sure thing! I sent them with Google Drive, I hope that works