Slurs and tie chains

How do one slur the first two notes of a tie chain only?

E.g., in a context such as this:

Currently this seems impossible without adding an untied notes to the first two notes in the tie chain via the chord tool. As this isn’t that unique a situation in piano music, I’d hope for the ability to avoid such a elaborate workaround in the future.

Knut is right.
When I try to produce what he is talking about, the slur with the arrow goes until the end of the tie chain, instead of stopping at the beginning of that chain. I noticed that behaviour in my works this week and thus would like to know why it is not possible to achieve that. I understand that the musical meaning is the same, but the “smaller slur” that we are looking for might take less visual space.

Apparently, Daniel has already adressed this here:

As for making slurs end on the first note of a tie chain rather than the last, I had it in my head that we already have an option for this, but apparently not. I’ll discuss with András (the developer who has implemented slurs) and come back to you as and when I can.

Apologies for not searching properly!