slurs and ties on condensed staves

When one note sharing a stem is tied and the other slurred the rule is to show both the tie and the slur (if both are slurred only one slur is necessary).
Is there any way to get this to appear on condensed staves? I have the “never amalgamate slurs” option selected, but this has no effect unless the two two parts are in different voices.

Also, I’m sorry to point out that the problem of the score jumping ahead or back (seemingly capriciously) is much worse in this version. Sometimes, even though nothing is selected, the score will jump ahead or back as much as 20 pages. This is really frustrating when working on a 200+ page score.

There have been no changes to the logic for how the score view moves around as you edit, so I don’t think it can be the case that unexpected movement is any worse in this version than the previous one, but I’m sorry that you’re finding it inconvenient all the same. As usual, I have to be boring and repeat that in order for us to try to sort that out, we need a reproducible case so that we can see what is causing the score to jump so far.

Regarding your slur/tie question, could you please post a small project that shows the scenario you’re talking about? A couple of bars for two players ought to do it. I’m slightly struggling to visualise exactly what you’re asking. Thank you!

Here it is.
If you remove the condensing change the slur appears on the bottom voice.

However, looking at Gould, she seems to imply on pg.69 that double stemmed is clearer in this situation.

Regarding the score jumping issue, I could email you the entire 200 page score. However, the problem is inconsistent. Last night, working toward the end of the score, I had no problems. The day before, though, working on the middle of the score, it was happening every few minutes, especially when i changed modes. Another perhaps related issue is that i was finding when I closed the score, it would re-open to the beginning rather than where I had left off. Again, not all the time.
Slur_tie (628 KB)