Slurs behaving oddly RESOLVED

This is my first attempt in Dorico in a few months. I was fired by the enthusiasm of Daniel’s presentation in London yesterday morning. Still baby steps for me but I don’t know what I did to make these slurs go adrift. If I delete them in Write mode and reenter them they appear in the same (wrong) place.

Apologies if this has been covered—I did search the forum with no luck.

The errant slurs seem to be positioned correctly in the parts. And it is only this system in the score that the slurs are wrong.

This looks like a known bug that strikes randomly.

If that is the case, just closing the score and re-opening it will fix the problem.

If not, attach the score here (you need to zip the .docrico file to get the forum to accept it) so somebody on the development team can investigate it.

Thanks for your help, Rob. As you predicted, a quick jiggle with stave size fixed it.

Presumably, it still shouldnt happen! Can you get the fault back again? If so, I suggest you send it in so that the problem might be nailed by the programmers :slight_smile: