slurs betw grace notes and notes – different behaviours


Please have a look on this pic:

Thats the result with Dorico’s out of the box settings. As you can see the behaviour of the slurs is completely different in almost every situation (just copy and paste from stave to stave). And I am not sure on what this different behaviours depend on. I have tried to adjust the grace note slur settings in the engraving mode for a while in every direction and combination but I didn’t find a solution which gives me a consistent slur behaviour no matter if the the beaming starts or ends, no matter if there are beams or not, no matter if the notes are between and on a line or the other way round etc.

Is there any clue to get this solved? My favourite solution would be the slur of the second stave but with beaming.

Thanks a lot in advance!

Hi Hans-Peter.
I follow this thread because lately, I found that the slurs on grace notes were something I almost always had to change in Engrave mode — note that if there are repetitive patterns, selecting the edited slur and alt-clicking on the others in write mode saves the hassle of a repetitive job. But I would really prefer if those slurs would be more Doricoish (automatically perfect)!

The reason for the different appearance between the different staves is easy to explain: some of the notes are on lines and others on spaces. Dorico uses different values for the positioning of each end of the slur when the note is in a space or on a line, and it does different things based on whether the slur is an “inner” slur, i.e. routed inside another voice or, in this case, a beam, in which case it won’t perform any collision avoidance under the arc of the slur.

The more general problem here is that it’s very difficult to come up with a good shape for a grace note slur to a rhythmic note with such a large interval. It’s a challenge even for a human engraver. Dorico is unfortunately not infallible, despite the hundreds of man years’ work that has gone into it so far. We would love to achieve some further improvements in this area in future, if we are able to come up with some algorithmic improvements.

I would flip all of the slurs so they are “over” not “under”.

Thanks, Marc!
Thats a good advice! :slight_smile:

Thanks, Daniel!
Dorico is fortunately not infallible! As long as we can drag around things manually and decide exactly what we want everything is perfect. :slight_smile:

Thanks, notesetter!

Good advice, but I have to copy a score which looks quite professional. So my challenge is to achieve a result which is close to this professional score. It helps me to get deeper into Dorico and engraving in general than finding »easy« solutions.