Slurs disappear when removing dynamics from group

Just wondering why this happens, and what steps can I take to avoid it, thanks!

I can’t explain the reason for it to happen, but after making the selection (which includes notes and also slurs) you could filter by dynamics first and then apply your change i.e. ungrouping.
I have setup a key combination to filter by dynamics. This would also help you here.

The problem with that method, in this case, is that when I filter dynamics, it selects the entire dynamic group. I just want to select the dynamics that occur after rehearsal mark 4, but filtering them also selects the dynamics that are before the rehearsal mark. So, say I want to remove half the dynamics from a long chain, this is the only way to do it without ungrouping the entire chain. Hope that makes sense!

Does this also happen when you apply the filter after you have made your selection?

You mean like this?

An interesting problem.

  • Removing dynamics from a group* with other objects selected can delete slurs, but …
  • Filtering for dynamics will extend the selection if necessary to include whole groups
    (This is useful, now that I know it.)

The best solution I’ve found so far for this case is to delete and re-enter the dim. hairpins before Rehearsal 4. Deleting them breaks the groups in half, and replacing them groups them with the previous group but not the next.

[*Edit: not Ungroup but Remove from Group]

I like that solution. The other option I’ve found is instead of using “remove from group”, just selecting 1 dynamics per staff and using “ungroup” will dismantle the entire chain. Then I can filter the dynamics I need and regroup the rest of the chain afterwards. I think I like your solution a bit better though.

I wonder which logic this behaviour might follow.

You could set Filtering to Deselect, to deselect the slurs.

The underlying cause of this behaviour is that the “unlink” command operates on both dynamics and slurs, so if they’re both selected, then the command will operate on the selected dynamics and slurs. It shouldn’t cause the slurs to be deleted, however. I’d be interested to see the project in which this is occurring so I can take a closer look.

Hi Daniel,
I generally try to avoid using the link feature, for both dynamics and slurs, so that shouldn’t have any effect in this case. However I use groups a lot. It’s the “remove from group” function that’s deleting the slurs. Using “ungroup dynamics” does not delete the slurs, however I most often use “remove from group” because it allows me to remove a specific dynamic mark(s) and leave the rest of the group intact. You’re right about the slurs being selected though. My reason for selecting the whole bar is as I mentioned, because there’s no way of filtering the dynamics for just part of a group. Filtering dynamics will select the entire group, even in the bars that I haven’t selected.

Anyway sorry to ramble, here’s the project! The part in question is rehearsal mark 4, where I tried to remove a large chunk of dynamics from a group without having to click each one individually.

Lost (1.3 MB)

Thanks, Graham. I can see why this is going wrong. I’ve made a note of it and we’ll try to fix this in due course.

Thanks Daniel!