Slurs disappearing on condensing

I’m inputting Mozart 40: no slur.dorico (435.1 KB)
In write mode galley view bassoon 1 has a slur and in bar 3 both oboes and bassoons have a slur. In page view the slurs disappear.
For now I’ve made do with inputting a redundant slur in another instrument and manually positioned it in engrave mode, but I take it it’s a bug that needs to be fixed?

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Yes, this is a (known) bug. It will probably be fixed in the next version.

I"m still seeing this bug in V 4.3 Just saw it this morning.


I’m still seeing this bug as well. Given how essential this is, it would be great if fixing this bug would get prioritized over introducing features such as “Generating notes from chord symbols” etc.

Anyone know a workaround in the meantime?

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Because the Dorico team is made up of a variety of different humans with different expertise and knowledge about different areas of the program, rather than a series of completely identical and interchangeable Mechanised Coding Units™, it requires a specific human to be available to fix a specific problem. You can perhaps draw the inference that the person with the right expertise to be able to address this problem was not the person who was working on the Generate Notes from Chord Symbols feature.


I would make a list of the notations that Dorico schmears and publish an errata listing them as part of the score. It would be up to the owner of the score whether or not to write these in so that the score is authoratative (most won’t).

I fear we’re entering a new era where mistakes on music scores are not just human error, but whims of software which is operating at less than peak.

December 20, 2072
Library assistant: There are slurs missing on this score.
Head Librarian: It was engraved with Dorico - that happened back then.
Library assistant: What’s Dorico?


As thomas5 indicated above, There are workarounds but they are VERY kludgy and time consuming. Basically you create a bogus slur in another instrument. You immediately mark that as Suppress Playback.

You then have to tinker around in Engrave mode.

Move and position the bogus slur to where you want it to appear in your condensed score. You may have to do this for multiple layouts.

Then on any Layout where the original (bogus) slur appears for the original instrument, you move that slur off the page so it never appears.


This is unfortunate, is there any update on if this is fixed? Not sure if I am doing condensing improperly or if it is just not possible to make some slurs show up in condensed music.

Attach your project with some info about where the issue is and we can take a look for ya!

No, it still has not been fixed yet. Usually I can get away with simply avoiding the problem by careful placement of system breaks. Obviously this can’t cover all cases though, and then you’ll need some horrendous hacks to get it right…