Slurs extending beyond cue not showing

When I add a cue in a part with music that includes a slur that continues beyond the cue, it isn’t showing in the cue. The Show slurs property does not change this. Is there a way to show it?

No, only slurs that are contained within the cue will be shown.

Is there a way to draw a slur? I see there are no slurs in the Lines panel.

Slurs are in the Notes panel on the left of the window, or you can press S.

Indeed. My question is if I can freehand write a slur in a cue, since slurs that extend beyond the cue do not show.

Apart from either changing the length of the cue, changing the length of the slur in the source instrument, or adding another instrument with a shorter slur to appear in the cue whilst leaving the original instrument with its original slur length, I don’t think so. Or, not using the cue feature and writing in the material manually and resizing it using the Scale property. Or alternatively again, using an l.v. tie on a nearby note and moving it graphically (although I’m not sure how that will behave with note spacing)

Cues are dynamic representations of the source material and apart from changing their stem directions etc you can’t edit their content.

Drastic but useful workaround: create a dummy “Cue” player, input the cue into it with a shorter slur that won’t get cut off, then cue from that. You can of course hide this player from the score layout. I use this as well sometimes where the material to be cued is for example a tutti woodwind chord, where cueing just Flute 1 would look strange, or like a piano staff of which I’d only need the melody.

Keep in mind that this way you break the automatic correspondence of cues to the original material, so if the music changes you’ll have to remember to update the cue by hand.