Slurs onto a tied note

You will see in the example that there are three tied pitches (low C, high C, and A-flat), each with a slur on top of them. What I don’t like is that Dorico automatically slurs onto the the second note of the tie, instead of the first note of the tie. Why does it do this? It just looks wrong to me.
Is there any way of setting the preferences so that Dorico will always slur to the beginning of the tie, not the end of the tie? Because that is how I would notate it most of the time.

I understand that I go into Engrave mode and mess with it, but that is way too time-consuming, and it is hard to make the slurs look nice and even.

Also, when you click on the tied note, it automatically highlights both notes of the tie. Why can’t I click on each note individually?
Slurs into a tied (423 KB)

See for how to change these individually or globally.

The modern way of doing it is the way that Dorico does it by default, but you can override it.

As to why both notes of a tie are highlighted, it’s because that’s how Dorico thinks. It doesn’t think of tied notes as multiple separate notes with ties, it thinks of them as one note with a particular value that is split dynamically, based on time signature, rules, barlines etc.

Oh, thank you so much.