Slurs or ties

Kan iemand me vertellen hoe ik bij een slur of tie de tweede noot laat doorklinken i.p.v. dat hij gespeeld wordt.
Graag jullie reactie.

Can someone tell me how I make the second note sound in a slur or tie instead of being played?
Please reply.

It sounds like you might be using slurs and ties interchangeably, but they’re not the same, neither musically nor in Dorico. A slur indicates that notes should be played legato, or in a single bow movement, or similar; those notes are normally, though not always, different pitches, but they will always be re-articulated, at least to some degree. A tie, on the other hand, indicates a single attack, and you do not hear any re-articulation corresponding to subsequent noteheads in the tie. To create a slur, you use S. To create a tie, you use T. See this page for more information.

Thank you very much Daniel. Problem solved. I’ve probably asked the question before, but if you don’t use Dorico for a while, you will forget some things. Nowadays I post the question and answer in Word from Office so that I don’t forget it next time.