Slurs over different voices

Hello there, it’s me again.

Easy topic this time.
Is it possible to create slurs that go over different voices. for example: you got two voices playing different parts, but in one part they move together and remain one single musical line. is there a way to connect these two different voices now with a slur in dorico without using the engrave mode?
Something like a hotkey or so.

Thank you! If there is no answer to this right now, the engrave mode works too, it’s just taking a little bit more time.

You should be able to click to select the first note in the desired slur, and Ctrl-click to select the last note, then press S. You’ll get a slur, regardless of differing voices.

(That’s Cmd-click rather than Ctrl-click if you’re on Mac)

true, but im on windows so that works perfectly <3

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thank you very much! that works perfectly

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