Slurs right after ties, how to achieve precise slur placement?

I have 4 notes connected with a tie. I need to insert a slur connecting the rest of the notes. However, the slur automatically falls on the start of the tied group of notes. There are multiple articles on slurs and ties but I haven’t been able to find a solution.


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There’ll be a global option somewhere in Engraving Options > Slurs, too.

Many thanks. This setting seems to work after the fact but it does not become active by default for future input:

Would you happen to know the way?

There is yeah. but it’s the same as in the property panel.

I’ve petitioned in the past for a bit more control here.

One option I’ve particularly asked for is a setting that will start the tie from the last note if it will enable the tie to fir entirely within a single bar.

The properties panel overrides on a one-time basis.
Engraving Options set the rules for all instances you haven’t overridden in the properties panel.

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Got it. Many many thanks!

Now on a quest of how to make this look a little less ugly, but that’s for another thread perhaps…

Staff spacing seems awful tight to me.

Yes it is. I was hoping Dorico was smart enough to take care of it on its own…

Depends on what you have setup. Dorico defaults to a rather small paper size so scores will always be super crushed until you change it to something more sensible like Tabloid.