Slurs starting on grace notes do not snap to tied note value

The video shows that a slur that starts on a grace note figure, only snaps to either the next regular note value or any other grace note following that note value. But if the folowing regular note value is actually tied across a barline, then it is impossible to let it snap with the tied note.

To my understanding string players (and others) connect bow direction to slurs. This would mean that a “single-bow-direction-figure” like the one in the video would not be possible to create in Dorico.
Of course, in Engraver Mode it is possible to modify it. But given the love to detail and stability of Dorico, I wonder if this is intentional? What would the reasoning behind this decision be? Do I lack knowledge of a certain notation rule? Or is it anyway on Dorico’s to-do list?

Thank you!

If you want the slur to connect to the other side of the tie chain, either change the slurs Engraving options or simply the properties of that slur as you need :wink:
This kind of options has been there since version 1, I think.

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These are the Engraving Options that are set by default:

Note that there are separate options dependent on whether the slur starts with a grace note or not, and that these defaults are very much intentional. As Marc says, if these don’t suit your particular use case, either change them globally here or select the individual slur(s) and set their End position in tie chain property (which is available in both Write mode and Engrave mode.)

(Oh, and here’s what Elaine Gould has to say about it - middle of page 130)


Thank you very much, @pianoleo & @MarcLarcher !
2 great answers in mega-short time! Awesome!

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