Slurs througt bar repeat 1. 2.

In a JPEG attachment (for the upper score) I have a First bar with G note, with slur to next G in 1.

But to the 2. G there isn’t slur.

How Can I bring up slur in this point? Is possibile?

Use a “laissez vibrer tie.” A Google search for that term, with “Dorico,” should set you on the right track.

Thank you Dan! You’re every so fast!!! Great!

Ok, I used laissez vibrer tie, but only in One direction (from left to right)

I thought there was a command for di It in other direction. Ok. I’ll use Engrave mode.

Thank you very much!!!

Yes, unfortunately you do need to manually adjust it “backwards.” Once it’s done, you can copy-paste that modifier one to other spots.

Thank you!!!