Small accent

I’d like to add anew accent, a small one, but I know that is not possible. So I suppose we do it with Playing techiques. How can I select the small accent glyph from Bravura:


It does not seem to be available as far as I can see, even if I choose the Articulation Supplement glyph set.

Use the music symbols editor. If you want to keep the regular accent, choose an articulation you won’t use, and swap out that symbol for a small accent.

Or if you want to replace the accent entirely, in the music symbols editor, you can scale down the accent mark.

Note that this is only for this project, and can be restored at any time.

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@dan_kreider Thanks. But the other question still applies - I can’t see the small accents in the SmuFL Accidentals Supplement set.

On closer examination, this is not in the Articulation Supplement, It’s a stylistic alternative. How to access those?

In the music symbols editor, click the Unicode button on the Glyph tab:

You’ll then see that the range is defaulted to the optional glyphs SMuFL range, i.e. U+F400 to U+FFFF. All of the stylistic alternates are in that range.

@dspreadbury Need more hand holding here. I cant get EA40.sso1, a small accent, as you can’t enter .sso1 in the Unicode range box, as far as I can see. There must be a trick I am missing.

Accent above (small staff)

and it’s pair below:

Accent below (small staff)

You can find them at uniF475 and uniF476.

@benwiggy Thanks. But how do I reason from the uniE4A0.ss0i1 to uniF475? How do I find the latter in the SMuFL font specification page? I have searched and searched. I cant see any glyphs with Fxxx, only the Exxx series.

Technically, you can’t. OpenType stylistic alternatives are linked within the font from the base glyph to the alternate glyphs, wherever they may be. They don’t have a defined Unicode slot in SMuFL: they could be anywhere. Bravura puts all the alternates in the F400+ range; but another SMuFL font could use entirely different values.