Small addition to the Hub

It happens to me to have different copies of the same project placed in different folders (I mean different files with the same exact name but in different folders).

When I open them (to check which on his worth to be continued, for example), I’ll find them all in the Hub without the possibility to distinguish them.

It would be nice to have the possibility to see the full path name of the file somehow (tooltip, after the project name in brackets, in a smaller font under the project name, …).


This is an existing feature. You’ll need to close and reopen the hub after applying the change.

Exactly what I needed.

I was unaware of this preference.

Thank you @pianoleo

Isn’t it ‘asking for trouble’ to have different copies of the same project (presumably in different states of completeness)?

Could you not use Dorico’s Flows and Layouts to your advantage, to keep it all in one project?

I had Dorico crashes due to a macOS related problem I’ve reported. This is why I found myself with multiple copies, because I duplicated the file and moved around the copies trying to find a workaround without damaging the last successfully opened version.

In general this can also happen when one does a safe copy of a work-in-progress project on an external disk, and opens it by double-clicking the file instead of using the Hub. After this operation the Hub has two entries with the same name.