Small, agile language changes possible?


I have no problems using Dorico in English language. However, for the children in my (Norwegian) marching band, I’d love to hand out parts named:
«Trompet i B» (not «Trompet in Bb»)
«Klarinett i B» (not «Klarinett in Bb»)
«B-trompet» (not «Bb Trompet»)
«B-klarinett» (not «Bb Klarinett»)

In short: Can I change the word «in» into «i», and/or can i use a hyphen instead of a space in these places? I know how to change the instrument names, but not these small details.


You need to change the layout names. In setup mode, double click on a layout in the list in the right hand panel to change the name.

Thank you, but have a look at the clarinet (klarinett) in the attached screen shot. I have changed both layout names and instrument names. But the way Dorico writes the transposition is still in English – «in Bb». Have I misunderstood something?

Ah. I see. I think there’s no way to change how the transposition is shown. (I miss that too.)
But in the instrument name dialog you can choose not to show the transposition and input it yourself with the instrument name.

Nice little workaround. Vielen Danke!