small bug relating to dotted rests positioning?

Currently, if i choose a dotted quarter note rest and then under “notes and rests” change the rest position, all acts normally.

However, if I go choose under “Common” to use Offset to change the rest position and attempt to change it’s Y position, the rest itself moves but the dot does not.

not a showstopper by any means, and it’s possible that’s what it’s supposed to do? but just in case it’s not, i thought i’d bring it up.


This is intentional, for what it’s worth: you may want to tweak the vertical position of a rest by a small (i.e. smaller than one staff space) increment, but we thought it was highly unlikely that you would ever want to do this for the rhythm dot, which always needs to be nicely centred between the staff lines.

this was happening with a rest that happened above the staff as a result of automatic rest positioning with notes in multiple layers. The rest was particularly high because of stem weirdness - there are a lot of layers going on because the staff in question is a multi-tiered electronic echo - with a lot of blank space between the top and the rest itself.

Again, i fixed the issue in question by doing it via ‘notes and rests’, and that might be the right solution for that situation as opposed to the other.