small but annoying Q-Link behavior

i basically have Q-Link active all the time, which makes perfect sense to me. when only 1 track is selected, no problem. as soon as multiple tracks selected it works as promised.(almost… some small idiosyncracies there… but for another post…)
but every time i open a project Q-Link is default OFF! regardless if it was ON in the saved version or ON from another project. in other words, it is not a global program setting that sticks.
can anyone imagine a scenario where i have multiple tracks selected and would NOT want them to have their functionality linked?
that is counter-intuitive to the function in my book and some “other” DAW producers have recognized that…
a preference option would be great, or just have Q-Link ON by default.

please not
Q-Link on by default is dangerous

Another good place for Steiny to give us a Keyboard Command

are you kidding? assign whatever you want…

it is only dangerous if you select tracks together and than perform an action that is only meant for a single track. but why and how would you do that?
selecting more than 1 track is always a deliberate action. at least it is for me…

I stand corrected. When I looked it up in the default key set, I looked at an old set. looking at the current set in actual cubase instead of a pdf I discovered that you are right, there is a command for this available.

I use Shift-K for Q Link toggle, but any key can be assigned, but mostly I use a pad on my controller to toggle it.

+1 for a Preference on it, but I don’t have any real issue turning it on and off by default is smart, imho. I have destroyed settings on channels not remembering to turn off Q-Linked channels.

I’d like a flashing, rude Q-Link is on, feature.