Small but frustrating issue.

If I right-click on the Project screen a strip of option icons appear (pretty ugly in my view). The first one normally sets the mouse pointer to a standard arrow, but suddenly this first item is now setting the pointer to a smaller arrow + a clock graphic (‘Object Selection/Sizing Applies Time Stretch (1)’ appears while the right-click is being held).

I guess I have inadvertently selected something, but what?

How can I get back to a normal mouse pointer?

N8 is not doing this.

To get back to the basic pointer-- if you have Tool Buttons present in your toolbar, click and hold on the arrow tool and choose “Normal Sizing.”

If it’s not there in your toolbar, you may have to add it using the “Setup Toolbar” thingy at the topmost furthest right corner of your project window.

Or, if you have a key command to select the arrow tool, you can cycle through all of the modes by applying that command repeatedly.

The “right click” menu shows the tool’s current state.


Perfect. Thanks Chewy.

I never have Tool Buttons present on the toolbar - I always right-click to show them, so I must have changed it by mistake.

My pleasure.

I have a mouse button dedicated to the pointer tool, and over-click every so often. Same thing with the two range tool modes. But I never noticed the pointer style switch in the right-click menu until your post! Glad it worked…