small change in the boot sequence of CB

For those people who have an external usb/fw soundcard that combines midi and audio.
A small change in the boot sequence could have a rather big impact.

–) case: when starting cubase, you have forgotten to power up the sound card
–) cubase initializes and detects that the soundcard isn´t present
–) it will aks for which sound card you would like to boot with

That is ok.

–) but since the midi initialisation has been put before the audio driver initialisation, you can correct the situation by powering on the external soundcard, but since the midi initialisation has passed, you will have to reboot the program because no midi has been initialized.

feature request: The “cancel” button on the popup that asks for which soundcard has to be selected in fact is useless. If that could be replaced by a button “cancel boot sequence” and in fact ending the boot sequence without changing the audio system, that would be a timesaver.

It is a small request, and yes, it´s the users fault that he has forgotten to power up his soundcard, but it is a small change too, and it would make a big difference.

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very good idea !
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How about a “retry” option that re-scans for audio and MiDI devices?

+1 Great idea. +1 for Midi rescan… and audio devices as well.

Note that Macs don’t have the same trouble with MIDI devices, they can be plugged in later and Cubase will pick them up (it just works differently!).


I got to admit this would be golden.
I would say 7 times out of 10 I forget to turn my UR28M on, Cubase complains, I either just CMD Q it or go in and have to change the devices and my inputs outputs preset.