"Small" clef changes with different music font

When I change the music font to something else (here, Petaluma), the clef change music symbol - here, C clef (small) - doesn’t change. Instead, it stays as Bravura. Looking through the forums, I found the post Clef overrides change music font, but I don’t quite understand the fix… Instead, it seems like the only way to fix is to individually set each “(small)” clef music symbol.

What am I missing…?
clefChangeExample.dorico (1.0 MB)

The thread you linked to is a different issue. It seems that the small clef glyphs are not included in Petaluma. You will have to change the glyph manually with the regular sized Petaluma glyph.

Go to Library > Music Symbols > Clefs. Here you can delete the small glyph and add the regular glyph from Petaluma.

clefChangeExample2.dorico (1.0 MB)

In Engraving Options, change the Clef Change size to 19/25. If they are smaller than that, Bravura is always used.


It seems that the small clef glyphs are not included in Petaluma.

I was under the impression that clef changes used the respective “clefChange” glyph (here, I’m assuming that would be cClefChange). Petaluma does have this glyph (U+E07B):

Thx so much. This does work as it appears to just scale down the normal clef to 19/25 size. I’m curious as to why the “clefChange” variant isn’t working, though…

I was running into a similar issue with #s and bs in superscript chord symbols. It’s been added as a bug report now so I’m sure they’re working on it. Hopefully the clef thing will make it into the same work order.

Although the SMuFL standard includes various alternative sized glyphs, e.g. Small Clefs, Larger noteheads, etc – Dorico can’t actually identify them from the font file. Consequently, some things are always Bravura.

The next version of SMuFL is planned to include more data that will help.


It’s using cClefSmall which is used when the glyph gets below a certain size.

Eureka! It’s a stylistic alternative. I should have thought to interrogate the Bravura.json file. Thx so much for the breadcrumb here.

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