Small delay sound from monitor on pc

I use yamaha keyboard for midi. The metronome or any sound comming from the build in speakers in the HP monitor are delayd. It makes it difficult for recording, The basedrum comes sooner ( in my hearing) then the edtitor shows in grid.

UR22c interface
The yamaha synth goes into a mixer panel, the output from the mixer panel goes to the IN-channels of the UR22c interface.
So…the computer sends out the audio to the TV-monitor…
Monitor connected with HDMI
I cant find the culprit.
I read something about the delay compensation button, but no result
I also read forums, youtube

thnx for reading

HDMI and TV have own delays. The DAW can’t compensate on that.

Then it’s not delayed. Maybe your picture is delayed?

Which delay compensation button?

Very bad idea to use a TV for audio. Why not using the UR22C and it’s ASIO driver for playback?

Most TV have latency with their audio. Also TV have V-Sync and in consequence the image is also delayed, that’s why your hear the audio sooner. However if your TV has a gaming mode or similar setting this can remove the image delay fully or partially, but then you may still have a bit of audio delay.
In any case please use a pair of speakers that you plug directly to the outputs of the UR22c.

It is already plugged in directly to speakers, but the monitor sends out the sound.
i have the version 12 just 1 week, Newbee here.

the output settings shows: generic low latency driver
and selected the LG monitor Niviea, but not the UR22C

If i open settings on my computer there i see UR22C listed 2 times
one works ok
the second listed shows: Device wont start.

You need to install the Yamaha Steinberg ASIO driver.

Yamaha Steinberg USB Driver Updates and Downloads | Steinberg

And stick to the RC22C for both input and output.

I was re-installing all and also the driver.
I would love to change the drivers as a choice.
Cubase asked it once…and stored somewhere.
Is it possible to select other drivers?

Thank you
After many hours i found out that my yamaha SY77 needs the driver from Yamaha
And for the audio i selected Asio
Even if i looked at youtube and forums…i could not find anything.
I thought that Midi and audio could use the same driver settings if i selected in the list my UR22C, but it seems not…and i could not select if i pressed F4 the input i needed.

I now made a basic channel setting where i would start with for any new song…and keep that secured.
Thanks for all the advices.

MIDI doesn’t require any driver since the ports are managed by the OS, it’s plug and play.
Normally the MIDI ports on your interface should work even if the driver isn’t installed.
The driver you select in Cubase is only for the audio part.

I am out for 5 days. wil make screenshots.
thnx for comments.