small errors to complete Cubase malfunction!!!

Apologies in advance, if this topic has already been posted. Obviously I’ve been unlucky to find anything related to my problems.

Cubase started to give me unusual small errors for the past week.
ie; as I open it, I got some errors of “some specific vst sounds were not found; drumloops, some CML1 or CMF/something sounds” (sorry, can’t remember clearly). Anyway, I located the location and selected the missing file, but it didn’t change anything. The error was still up, SO I PRESSED IGNORE and moved on with loading the software.

But as my project load up, SOMETIMES, I would get a prompt window to register the software. I selected the “already registered” option. But after that, Cubase no longer had my added VST paths, saved. so I had to RE-ADD the vst paths again, update, close the project, reopen it, in order to be able to work on it.

But as of today, that no longer worked. Cubase does not save the vst paths. so no sounds for me, anymore, GREAT :slight_smile:

also, in the process of submitting a support request here, I ended up opening my elicenser to get its number for the support form submission, but in the process of updating, it gave me an error, stopped working & cubase is no longer listed in my elicenser list and I can no longer open cubase.

anyone have any idea what THA hell is going on here? I as sure as hell have not ever dealt with multiple chained annoying errors like this.


It sounds really very strange. I would try to scan your system by antivirus…

The “Already Registered” message comes, when there is Cubase Preferences folder. It was deleted for some reason.

It’s also not usual, the license disappear. Are you using Cubase Elements/AI/LE or Cubase Pro/Artist? Do you have an USB-eLicenser or Soft-eLicenser?

I’m deleting the whole folder by tonight, and try to reinstall and see where it goes.
I’m on cubase 7.5 and have usb e licenser.
oh man, the licenser thing is on meth/crack or something. I installed cubase on a 2nd system, it gave me a hard time for 2 days and now things (SEEM) to be fine.
I always run into crazy problems. IDK working on PC is like this and I should switch to apple or it’s just Steinberg’s casual issues. day and night.