Small feature request: auto login on host

As in VST Transit Go on my iPad. Very handy. Not important.

It’s there, top right

Thank you for your reaction.
My apologies for my confusing way of writing. I meant to say: I am so happy with that feature in Transit Go and now I would like the same feature in the VST Transit plugin that I use inside Cubase.

I got that, you can set auto login in the plugin as well, check out the top right section in the plugin.

So now I understand the following:

VST Transit (part of Cubase): no auto login
VST Transit Go (on the iPad): auto login
VST Transit Join Beta (everywhere else): auto login

I placed my request on the VST Transit forum asking for auto login when working with VST Transit inside Cubase.

Thank you for your support.

Sorry, I was mistaken. Auto login is indeed only available with VST Transit Go (iPad). There is “Save credentials” in the plugin versions, you just have to click the login button once. Auto login will be available for the plugins in a later version.