small-great satisfaction ..

a small-great satisfaction …

a client sent me a final xml to fix it graphically … when I put it off the job he said “wow, spectacular!”

thanks Dorico for making me look great!

obviously I asked advised to switch to Dorico! :smiley:

Thanks for the positive feedback. I’m glad it’s working well for you.

I just recently had the same experience with a composer who sent me a new work of his. I’d recorded a piece of his before and, as we both worked with Finale, he sent me his badly layout files using the dismal Finale defaults, and I cleaned it up. I’ve since moved to Dorico but he hasn’t (yet!). He sent me his new composition and I realised that it has been awhile since I’ve seen such collisions, badly deformed slurs, misaligned dynamics, the ugly spacing which results from non-tucked accidentals, and so on. The translation via XML went very well, although I did have to remove some extraneous text (interestingly, Dorico interpreted the rehearsal letters correctly but placed an additional text block with the same letters at the same spots), ungroup some dynamics, etc. His reaction when I sent it back to him was similar to Italyuser’s client’s: ‘Wow! They look fabulous.’

I exchanged arrangements with an acquaintance a while back and in his email he said, “[here are mine but] I don’t think my typesetting will ever look as neat and well-done as yours”. I smiled; while, like many on the forum, I DO obsess over small details, we all know that Dorico sets the most firm of foundations and only minimal tweaking is needed (at least relative to other programs!). I replied that he needed to check out Dorico. I’m always on the prowl for “converts”. lol.

similarly, a friend of mine tried to get into house-styles in sibelius, and he was quite successful so. His scores looked nice, with a lot of effort and work.
When I showed him Dorico, we imported one of the projects into Dorico. His first reaction was: “wow, this looks as good, if not maybe better than my sibelius scores. And without any tweaking!”. He uses Dorico now :wink:

Well done!

Just finished my first hymnal using Dorico. It looks great. And the smallest page-per-song ratio I could ever get in Finale was 1.3—1.5, but this one is 1.1, without looking the least bit cramped!

The hymnal looks fantastic.

Yes, Dan, it is beautiful. Very well done indeed.

Grat work Dan!

Looks stunning Dan. Congratulations!