Small improvement for zooming? am I alone?

Many programs (Dorico is one of them) have adopted zooming in or out with Ctrl + Alt + mousewheel which is very convenient.
Many programs have added doing this do it at the position of the mouse pointer
it could be interesting that Dorico does it too what do you think?

when you zoom in, for example, the first measure of a system, this 1st measure moves to the left and disappears, forcing you to move the document again to the right

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Yes, we would like to implement this in Dorico, but it’s quite tricky to do, for various boring technical reasons. But you should find that the zoom keeps the intended thing in view if you make a selection before you zoom: Dorico will then centre the zoom around the selection.

Thank you for the answer which satisfies me and work.
I thought you had already thought about it :wink:

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