Small notes?


How can I write “small notes”? I play trumpet in windorcestra and many times we have to play other instruments notes (cause players are not available), which are originally written in small font in our trumpets notes. How can I make/write notes smaller in Dorico ja mark kind of “this part is oboe”. I hope you understand my question :slight_smile:


Hello Timo,

one way would be to use the “cue” function.
For your example: if you have a score with all instruments, you can put an oboe cue into your trumpet part. Select the bars in the trumpet system, Shift-U, and choose Oboe. For the cue functionality you would need Dorico Pro. Another way would be to add the required notes into the place you need them, select them, and via the property panel “scale” them to the required size.

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I was going to write the same thing as @k_b .

Here is the page from the User Manual:

And a YouTube clip about it as well (it is old but I think it should do the job):

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But, as U said, I would need pro-version… just bought elements-version :slight_smile:


You can add an extra voice and then set the added notes to be cue-sized via the Scale property in the Properties panel, perhaps.