Small Popping sound as the recordings join each other!!!

Hi there :slight_smile: I was wondering if anyone else has had this problem and could help me out. Ive been using Cubase 7 for a while now and have always had this problem, at the start of a take (recording) and the end there is a little pop noise, as the recordings join each other, this definitely isn’t a latency sound card issue because I have an axe fx 2 now and am recording with the wet channel out with no latency, and the levels have all got tonnes of head room, also it does it once ive exported the song, sometimes its too small to notice but if I export just the guitars for instance its still there.
As I say it wasn’t a problem before but im really starting to notice it on the finished song

Sounds like you need to do a little research into fades and crossfades.

Cubase has ample control over all this as well as auto fade settings.

You can indeed solve this by applying a small fade at the beginning and end of an event or by having two events slightly overlap and then use crossfade.
You can prevent this by activating ‘snap to zero crossing’ when you cut events.

But im slicing the audio into lots and lots and LOTS of little bits, its a stompy heavy sort of riff and want it really tight with the drums. if I fade in and out of it it will sound rubbish and not tight

I applied a little fade in and out and it worked a treat, I was reading up and someone said it is a good idea to fade in and out of every event. Thinking it was going to take me forever, then held Ctrl A highlighted the lot and then held shift down and click the ones I didn’t want to fade, then did one fade in and out on one part, and it did it to every event :slight_smile:

When splitting events use the ‘Snap on/off’ and ‘snap at zero crossings’ function on the tool bar. :slight_smile:

You could also activate project-wide auto fades and crossfades. I use this instead of zero crossing snaps as it guarantees no clicks and things get chopped exactly where I chop them. But it does add some processing overhead, not that I’ve really noticed tho.



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Given a sampling rate of 44,000 a second cutting at a zero crossing is best.

Cutting in the middle of a wave form is unnecessary and you cannot hear the difference. :smiley:

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Often this symptom can be caused by a DC voltage offsetting the audio waveform.

Process with DC off-set removal and see if this helps.